Emotional Performance: Athletes’ Emotion and Mental Attitudes and their Relationship with Performance

Traditionally, athletes are scouted on the level of their skills and talents. However, sports have progressed to a new generation where athletes are now measured on their mental attitudes and personality traits.  But, can an athlete’s mental state be the main driving mechanism to why he or she has a good or bad game? Could emotion override skill and talent? In the past, researchers have found data suggesting that emotion can influence the main mental qualities that are essential for successful performance in sports.

The Wandering Mind

Scientists are looking more closely at college students’ task handling skills for early signs of inhibited concentration, as low GRE reading-comprehension scores have become common for students. So, are all college students doomed?

Lost In Textlation: Studying the Transfer of Emotional Intensity through Facebook and Text Messaging from Sender to Receiver

When comparing communication offline to its online counterparts, it becomes clear that due to the inherent “leanness” of the media, there may be a lack of emotional comprehension from the person who sends the message to the person who receives it. In this research study the relationship between perceived and intended emotional intensity, while in the scope of public messaging systems like Facebook’s wall posts and private messaging systems like text messaging, will be explained.

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