About My Story

Some people let the valleys of their journey define them, I have sought out my experiences in the field of journalism to help me define where I see new heights of potential. I cherish this opportunity within this essay to tell you a story in form of a dream, a chance to help broaden your knowledge of how my passion for journalism came to be. A résumé says many things, but it doesn’t reveal the whole truth – the why, the how, the when, and the now.

The gift of writing and storytelling is one I can share. Through writing, I’ve been able to frame my own story for myself. My rite of passage occurred in my first year of college. There I found journalism to be my calling. As a staff writer for my college, the long hours I put in didn’t feel like work it defined me.  Journalism and my writing changed my inner belief. My stories, my writing, and my journalistic voice can open channels for others to connect ideas and issues with themselves. I have stories to tell, and more importantly, I want people to hear the stories of others that need to be told. The courses I have taken and the clubs I have been involved with at Cornell University helped brighten my knowledge of the role of communication/journalism in its process and place in society. Once I could see and hear my own voice as a journalist, I was liberated and transformed. Cornell’s Communication Department challenged me to reach outside my comfort zone and find myself. My experience was more universal than anything ever before. What I love about my time as a Communication major at Cornell were the endless opportunities and valuable skills that I gained. Communication is key to successful relationships, businesses, politics, etc., and applies to every aspect of society. One truly cannot be successful in any field without communications background and skills, thus I know that what I learned will carry through with me no matter where life takes me. I enjoyed the opportunity to take courses such as Writing and Editing for Magazines and Online Media, New Media and Society, Media and Human Development, Advanced Human-Computer Interaction Design, etc. At Cornell, not only did I become a better writer, but I also became a better oral and visual communicator, as well as someone educated in law, issues in society, politics, etc. Also, I enjoyed the opportunity to have an internship throughout the 2014 academic year at ESPN Radio, and conduct independent research with professors, and I honestly cannot think of any other school that could have come close to helping me develop the skills that I have now gained. Further, given that Cornell’s department is top-10 in the nation, I was able to interact and work with top professors and graduate students who provide me with insights on how to better incorporate my other interests and experiences into my writing, thus allowing me to leave an impact on society.

          Unlike a roller coaster, we don’t have something pushing us up the tracks; we’re pushing ourselves up and must earn the journey to receive the reward at the end.